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Join the Tell Timai Team


The Tell Timai Project Conservation Field School–Announcement


Tell Timai School of Conservation



16 July to 14 August 2013

Applications Due February 15 2013 (but sooner is better)


Tell Timai, the ancient city of Thmouis, is a rare example of a well-preserved Graeco-Roman City in the Nile Delta.  The urban center is nearly complete and offers an exceptional opportunity to study all aspects of life, business, religion, and administration during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.  Mudbrick architecture is rarely preserved in the Delta, making Tell Timai a unique piece of Egyptian history.  Unfortunately the site is under considerable threat from encroachment, erosion, and looting.  The Tell Timai Project of the University of Hawaii has embraced the concepts of Research, Conservation, and Education and undertaken the tasks of studying the city and saving it as an important piece of Egyptian patrimony and world history.  The ultimate goal is to create a site worthy of drawing tourism to the Eastern Delta and combining the site with neighboring Mendes to create a World Heritage Archaeological Zone.

The ambitious goals of the Tell Timai Project are beyond the means of any one institution.  We have a philosophy that this work will only be successful if it is a cooperative effort between international scholars and institutions, Egyptian archaeological institutions, the Ministry of State Antiquities/Supreme Council of Antiquities, and the people who live in the vicinity of the Tell Timai-Mendes Archaeological Zone. Cooperation will result in great benefit for everyone. Foremost on the list of activities is education.

The conservation field school is a new education initiative that has the goals of bringing Egyptian conservators and scholars together with international conservators and scholars in order to exchange knowledge and methods with each other and to train students and inspectors on the latest methods and procedures for artifact analysis, conservation, and digital archiving.  The Conservation Field School will combine classroom learning with practical experience with artifacts from Tell Timai that are awaiting analysis.  This will help increase the speed and quality of artifact analysis while educating young scholars.  In addition, the program will begin the process of reinforcing mudbrick architecture at Tell Timai in order to slow or halt the continued erosion of the site to begin a process of reconstruction that will bring the streets of ancient Thmouis to life.

Our plan is to bring scholars from Cairo, Ad Daqahliyah, and Alexandria together to serve as teachers and to provide the students a wide variety of opportunities to experience conservation programs in Egypt.  Funding for this program is being put together from support from the University of Hawaii, the Hawaii Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America, the National Geographic Society, and private donations.

Link to AIA Announcement




2013 Tell Timai Field School


Timai Field School Announcement Summer 2013

21 Responses to Join the Tell Timai Team

  1. Jay

    The 2013 season is starting to come together…

  2. jimoh

    interested to join the team

  3. Jay Silverstein

    Jimoh, always a place for you…we will just have to have Visa’s renewed for the double season.

  4. Mary

    I just learned about this opportunity today in my Intro to Anthropology class and I am very interested!

    • admin

      Wonderful! I will send you a note and I hope that you are able to join us in June.
      Best Wishes,

  5. Nehanda

    This sounds like a great opportunity, I’d also be very interested in possibly joining the team!

  6. lamiaa shehata elsayed mohamed

    i want to join the tell timai team

    • admin

      Excellent Lamiaa,
      Do you work in Daqhliyya? Please send me some background about yourself and your archaeology experience along with your contact information (email, phone) to my email at

  7. Dina yousef

    Can I join in the tell timai team ?and what are the qualifications required for this work?

  8. Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim

    I am Egyptian archaeologist, i work in Alexandria archaeological department, i wish to join the Tell Timai school of conservationو i want to fill the application form please tell my where to find the application form and how to send it to you
    Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim El-Sayed

  9. Moahmed waheed

    Its an honor for us to work with you Dr jay .

  10. Freya Redman

    I’d love to find out more about joining the team, it sounds great!

    • admin

      Hi Freya,
      The Excavation School is closed for the season, but the Conservation school is accepting applications now. You can email me direct at

  11. ashraf elhaddad

    be happy when I’m a member of a team work

    • ashraf elhaddad

      be happy when I’m a member of a team work

      • admin

        Ashraf and Mai, looking forward to working with you both again as well. Be sure to contact Dr. Mohamed Kenawi about coming on to the Field School as an Inspector Trainee. For the Conservation School contact Dr. Adel Harfoosh.

  12. Maram Mafulul

    I am interested in joining the team

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