Sponsors and Patrons

We would like to thank the following sponsors and patrons for all of their support!

Evelyn Leslie-Silverstein


Evy c.1948, Palm Springs

Evelyn has made a number of substantial donations that have helped build the Tell Timai Project. She has helped launch

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and sustain our efforts to save this incredible ancient city. Evy has traveled the world and made several round-the-world trips that have of course included Egypt. She is a dear and generous woman, a high school financial manager, a mother, a grandmother, who has done much to support charities dedicated to education, history, and children. Thank you, Evy.

Hal Bonnette & Savannah

Hal Bonnette & Savannah

Hal Bonnette & Savannah


Hal c.1953

As a supervisor at Tell Timai, I can attest that the site has immense potential. We have the opportunity to excavate and reveal the secrets of the ancient city of Thmouis, which was an important Greek and Roman city. Yet, it faces encroachment from two sides and, because of its undeveloped space, is a favored site by local authorities to build a sports complex. Fending off these destructive movements is a high priority. Archaeology involves more than just excavation and gathering information; it also involves site preservation and, hopefully, reconstruction for public education. The excavation part is time-consuming, but easy. The preservation part is difficult because of the political forces at work. The best way to preserve a site is to own it, which takes money, time, and personal commitment with all the help we can get.