Reading List

Must Read.
This is required book for those enrolled in the summer credit class for the University of Hawaii and recommended for everyone. Bagnal, Roger S. 1993 Egypt in Late Antiquity. Princeton University Press, Princeton. This book brings together a vast amount of information pertaining to the society, economy, and culture of a province important to understanding the entire eastern part of the later Roman Empire. Focusing on Egypt from the accession of Diocletian in 284 to the middle of the fifth century, Roger Bagnall draws his evidence mainly from documentary and archaeological sources, including the papyri that have been published over the last thirty years.







Bowman’s book is not quite as useful from an archaeological /Anthropological point of view, and also not as much fun to read; however, the excerpts from papyri from Oxyrynchus and other caches of documents give precious incites into the lives, relations, and business of the literate classes in Egypt. Bowman, Alan K. 1986 Egypt after the Pharaohs: 332 BC- AD 642, from Alexander to the Arab Conquest, University of California Press, Berkeley.



Also recommended:

Bagnall, Roger S. and Dominic W. Rathbone (eds.) 2004 Egypt, from Alexander to the Early Christians: An Archaeological and Historical Guide. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Bingen, Jean 2007 Hellenistic Egypt: Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture. University of California Press, Berkeley. Blouin, Katherine Homme et milieu dans le nome mendesien: Link:


Donald P. Hansen, C. Soghor and Edward L. Ochsenschlager (1967), “Mendes 1965 and 1966,” ARCE, 6:5-52. We will send you a PDF of this.


Robert K. Holz, David Stieglitz, Donald P. Hansen, and Edward L. Ochsenschlager (1980), Mendes I, American Research Center in Egypt: Cairo.


Donald Redford, City of the Ram-Man: The Story of Ancient Mendes, Princeton U Press (2010)





Specific archaeological studies and other references can be found in the following bibliography taken from our Delta report article. J, Ball (1942), Egypt in the Classical Geographers, Government Press, Bulâq: Cairo. Alicia D. de Rodrigo (2000), “An Ancient Mendesian Industry,” Bulletin of the Egyptological Seminar 14: 33-39.


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S. Kambitsis (1976), “Un nouveau texte sur le dé peuplement du nome mendésien. P. Thmouis 1, coll. 104-105”, CdE LI, no. 101, 130-140.


S. Kambitsis (1985), Le papyrus Thmouis I, Publications de la Sorbonne: Paris, especially 68- Sylvie Marchand , Antigone Marangou (2007) (eds.) Amphores d’Égypte de la Basse Époque àl’époque arabe Cahiers de la Céramique Égyptienne 8, Institut français d’archéologie orientale: Paris V. Martin (1967), “Un document administratif du nome de Mendès,” in Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde XVII, Leipzig 9-48.


J. G. Milne (1927[1982]), Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins, Sanford J. Durst: New York. p. 28.


J. G. Manning (2003), Land and Power in Ptolemaic Egypt: The Structure of Land Tenure. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.


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Donald B. Redford.(2004), Excavations at Mendes, Volume 1: The Royal Necropolis, Brill: Donald B. Redford, et al. (1991), “Three Seasons in Egypt: the First Season of Excavations at Mendes,” JSSEA 18:49-79.

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