Dig Equipment

Trowel – A small trowel with a wooden handle and welded (not riveted blade). We recommend a Marshaltown trowel. For other items you can order from Forestry Suppliers or buy the equivalent at your local hardware store.


Paintbrush 3″ soft bristle


Dust Brushes A small whisk broom with thick bristles and a paint brush with fine bristles.


Line Level Try to choose one that secures with a double-hook system so that it doesn’t bounce off the line.


Tape measures  5 meter (be sure that it is in metric cm/m). Carpenter’s tape measure, metal, calibrated in meters


Sighting Compass A simple compass can be bought at any sport store. You do not have to use a Brunton pocket transit, but if you have one by all means bring it.


Clip Board An aluminum or plastic clipboard with a compartment for holding papers inside. Cheaper at your local stationery store.


Mechanical fine point pencils (0.5)


4 black permanent Sharpie markers (2 fine, 2 medium)


Ruler/Protractor – A small ruler (centimeter) and a protractor


1 Field notebook with ½ or all metric graph-ruled pages


Backpack or shoulder bag adequate to carry dig kit, water, and lunch to the field.


Recommended Clothing: -Broad-brimmed lightweight hat and bandana -Very good boots that breathe and cover the ankle. -Lightweight sturdy clothes that cover legs and arms (aside from protection from the sun it is important to keep in mind the cultural standards of our host nation).

-Personal medications, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, suntan lotion, etc.

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