Any donations to the University of Hawaii Foundation Tell Timai Fund will be extremely appreciated and help us run the site! Your donation will go directly to support the Tell Timai Project effort to save and perserve history! Please consider giving what you can!   The ultimate goal is to develop a site worthy of drawing tourism to the infrequently visited Eastern Nile Delta and combining the site with neighboring Pharaonic Mendes to help the Egyptian Government elevates the Thmuis-Mendes Archaeological Zone to UNESCO World Heritage status.   Your support will not only help save Thmuis, but it will also contribute to rebuilding the Egyptian economy and encouraging their young democracy.

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YOUR GIFT, OUR GIFT We are offering some small gifts for donations as a gesture of thanks: At the $50 level we will send you a Tell Timai patch for your backpack or coat. At the $100+ level we will send you a Tell Timai T-shirt! When you make a donation, we will acknowledge your donation and request your T-shirt size and mailing information. At the $1,000 we will send you both gifts and be honored if you would submit a picture and a statement to post on the Tell Timai Website scroll of Patrons of Thmuis.



Click Here to go to the University of Hawaii Foundation Donation Website! There is a minimum donation of $10 required.    


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