Current Staff

James-HeadshotJames Bennett, Northwest Area Supervisor. James is currently studying for his PhD at Durham University assessing settlement patterns during the Third Intermediate Period and the way in which settlements developed after the New Kingdom. Other research aspects include the development of the Nile Delta and Valley throughout antiquity, hieroglyphic texts, the chronology, and function of terracotta figurines in Egypt, and the nature of human interaction with the landscape in Egypt. James completed his BA in Egyptian Archaeology studying the 30th Dynasty temple complexes in the Delta, and an MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool through the study of Persian Ceramics in Egypt. James is the northwestern area supervisor at Tell Timai for the excavation of a large religious and funerary complex and have been excavating there for seven years. 








Courtney Bobik, Webmaster. Courtney attended the University College London, Institute of Archaeology, where she received an MA with Merit in Egyptian Archaeology.  Courtney is currently applying to Ph.D programs in the U.S. and in the U.K where she hopes to research the diet and preparation during the Roman period, focusing on food preparation and nutrition, in order to further understand welfare in Roman Egypt. Research interests include faunal, human remain, botanical analyses. Other reserch interests incude understanding the development of the Nile Valley, Fayum, and Delta during the Late, Ptolemaic, and Roman Periods. Courtney received her BA with Honors in Classical Studies with Minors in History and Sociology  from Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. Courtney is one of the unit supervisors at Tell Timai and has been excavating here for four years.








DSCN1537Hal Bonette, Field Supervisor and Field Methods Instructor. Hal Bonnette is an independent archaeologist with 30 years excavation experience. He has supervised over seven seasons at three sites in Israel, three seasons in Jordan, and four seasons at Tell Timai, Egypt. Besides being a field supervisor, he also co-created the field data collection forms, wrote the Data Collection Manual, provides classes on completing the forms, and gives training on the field methods and terminology used at Tell Timai. He is based in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.