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Robert Littman, Co-Site Director. Dr. Littman received BA and PhD from Columbia University. Currently professor and Chair of Classics at University of Hawaii at Manoa where he teaches Greek and Roman Mythology, Upper level Greek and Latin language, Egyptian language, and Greek and Latin Roots of Medical Terminology.

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DSC_0016Jay Silverstein, Co-Site Director. Dr. Silverstein received his PhD in anthropological archaeology from The Pennsylvania State University. His theoretical interests include militarism, the rise and fall of complex societies, ancient hydraulic constructions, imperialism, and frontier interactions. He has directed or co-directed projects around the world including Mexico, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Europe, and Egypt.  Jay currently serves as an Adjunct faculty member at the UH in Classics and Anthropology. He is the secretary of the regional chapter of the Archaeological Institute of American and a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, the Society for American Archaeology, and a GIS Professional.   Jay has been co-director of the Tell Timai Project since 2007.









Claire-Malleson-361x600Clarie Malleson, Assistant Field Director and Archaeo-botanist. Dr. Malleson studied Egyptology in evening-school at Birkbeck College in London in 2002. She then completed an M.A in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool in 2005, and continued her studies there, receiving her doctorate in 2012. Her primary research interests generally revolve around Ancient Egyptian agriculture, nutrition and food production, but she has a keen interest in all ‘daily life’ activities including craft technologies and settlement studies, as well as archaeological methodology. She specializes in archaeo-botany (the study of ancient plant remains), and works at several sites across Egypt including the ‘workers’ town on the Giza plateau and Tell el-Retaba (New Kingdom and Third Intermediate period town in the Wadi Tumilat) as well as Tell Timai.



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