Current Testamonials and Research

Degrees Based on Research at Tell Timai

Veronica Morriss
Sara Chandlee
Nora Shawki


Matriculated to a Graduate Program

Courtney Bobik
Jimoh Ganiyu



Nora Shawki“I first came across the Tell Timai excavation project by coincidence while researching various excavation projects going on in Egypt in particular during my final year of university. I am currently two months away from graduation and have accomplished much more than I had expected. Initially I contacted Dr. Silverstein & Prof. Littman, in order to get more information about the project and before I knew it, I was accepted and was apart of the team. Although it was a great opportunity, the fees were quite high as I was going to be a graduate by the time the dig started. As oppose to the previous summer, where my university had funded me for another dig at the time. 

I didn’t want to miss this experience because it’s what I always wanted to do, I wanted the true hands on experience every archaeologist dreams of. Dr. Silverstein was very helpful during this process and suggested many foundations that offered partial and full grants/scholarships. I applied to a few that I was eligible for and about two months later I receive news that I have been offered $500 from the Rick Stone Foundation as well as a full scholarship for the program. This whole application process just shows that if you really want to be apart of this team, there are multiple options to aid you financially, it’s all worth the stress in the end! I am looking forward to graduating with my BA degree in History of Art & Archaeology from the University of London (SOAS) in a few months and then starting this amazing experience in July with the rest of the team that I am so eager to meet.” – Nora Shawki


IMG_1940“Tell Timai has changed my life forever. The experiences and the knowledge I gained has opened many doors and provided me with life long friends. When I first stepped off the plane at Cairo Airport in the summer of 2011, I did not know what to expect. I quickly found what awaited me was a whole new world of exploration and discovery. Everyday at Tell Timai seemed like another adventure and I could not wait to get to work! During my time at Tell Timai we made several new discoveries and learned many new and exciting things about the site. My involvement and participation in these discoveries permitted me to be apart of the Tell Timai team that went to the SAA Conference in Memphis, Tennessee in April 2012. Still an undergraduate, I felt intimidated being surrounded by so many scholars and intellects, but my team made me feel so welcomed and supported that I was able to present my information confidently.

Tell Timai has proven to be vital asset in my acceptance to Graduate School. In my quest to continue my education, I applied to schools in the United States and the United Kingdom. I applied to Yale University for Egyptology in their Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department, University of Memphis for Egyptian Art and Archaeology in their Art Department, King’s College London for Classical Art and Archaeology in their Classics Department, and University College London for Egyptian Archaeology as part of their Institute of Archaeology. At the time of this writing, I have been accepted to both King’s College London and the University College London. I am eagerly awaiting responses from the other two universities. The fact that I have already been accepted to not one, but two prestigious programs makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I owe so much of that to Dr. Silverstein, Dr. Littman and the Tell Timai Field School!

I would encourage anyone who is interested in archaeology to attend the Tell Timai Field School. It is a one of a kind program that will surely help you reach your dreams!”  – Courtney Bobik