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Latest News:

The Tell Timai Team and the Alamir Sporting Club recently met up for a match of the ages!
The two teams competed in a football/soccer game at the Alamer Sporting Club facility on Tuesday, June 16, 2015.
Check out their website: http://alamersportingclub.com 
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Thank you to Alamer Sporting Club for hosting this event! The game was enjoyable to play and watch!
More photos from this exciting game are coming soon!





 Nahdet Misr,  The Excavation at Tell Timai by the University of Hawaii,
the National Geographic Society, the Lounsbery Foundation, and
Evelyn Leslie-Silverstein present a new book publication:

                    Nahdet Misr Publishing LogoLogo-basic-elements OVAL Nat Geo Logo

Timai Book Cover Photo


The Story of Ancient Timai
by Isabel Zermani


“We are archaeologists, scientists, and scholars from all over the world…

We would like to share with you the history, as we know it, of ancient

Timai…We can learn the history through evidence.”

–The Story of Ancient Timai

For more information about this publication, click here




How to Make a Mudbrick at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis) (HQ)

Image: Marta Lorenzon

We are also on Biblical Archaeology’s Website!
Come watch and learn how to make a mudbrick at Tell Timai. For more information and a link to the video, click here


  1. Seif el Iraqi

    Effort more than wonderful for American mission at tell tmai

    1. admin

      And the efforts of the inspectors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities are superb and greatly appreciated.


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